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From The Desk Of: Alan Wright
Re: Your Affiliate Profits

Dear Affiliate Marketer,

We have bad news...

The odds are stacked against you.

That's right - you have no control over the quality of the products you promote or the level of customer service provided by the product owners.

You literally put your reputation on the line each and every time you promote an affiliate product. And if something goes wrong, your customers could blame you for recommending a dud.

But if you have a "killer" formula for your affiliate promotions you can feel confident that your subscribers and website visitors will know the ins and outs before they ever buy. And that will give them confidence in you and your product recommendations.

So What IS This "Killer" Formula?

Product Reviews!

But not just ANY old review will do...

Many marketers mistakenly think that a product review is the same as a sale pitch, but that's just not so!

You see, many people know what product they want to purchase but before they commit themselves they search for "product XYZ reviews" in their favorite search engine. They want to know what others think of the product before they buy.

They don't want a sales pitch - they want an opinion by a real person just like them.

And it's this thirst for knowledge on the part of consumers that makes product reviews the most lucrative method for promoting affiliate products.

They Deserve The Truth!

Your subscribers and website visitors are no different from the average Joe who's searching for "product XYZ reviews." They want - and deserve - your honest opinion about the products you recommend to them.

And this brand new report shows you exactly how to capitalize on this killer affiliate marketing method.

Write Killer Product Reviews
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Here's just some of what you'll discover inside:

      The Profit Potential of a Good Review

      How to Build Their Trust in You

      How to Fill in the Gaps of Product Flaws - An Ingenius Idea!

      The Most Crucial Part of a Review - Don't Skip This Section!

      Why Name-Dropping Can Boost Your Product Recommendations

      How to Do the "Comparison Shopping" for Your Readers

      The Actual Product Review that Pulled in $6,178.04 in 11 Days

And the best part is that even if you don't have a list of subscribers or a website, you can still cash in with product reviews. Just post them on Squidoo, HubPages, Xomba or other user-provided content sites and rake in those affiliate commissions.

It doesn't matter where you use this formula - it's HOW you use it...

Now you can finally discover how to pitch any decent product to a targeted audience using this killer review formula that tempts consumers into buying!

Just use this easy-to-follow formula to create great product reviews, and cash in!

So how much would you expect to pay for this killer information - $17, $27 ... or more?

Those prices would be very reasonable, but because this is a Wacky Sale you'll pay only $9.95!

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Remember - your affiliate profits are at stake if you keep doing things the same old way. Wouldn't you rather invest a measly $9.95 now to pump up your profits forever?

To Your Success,

Alan Wright

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